September 04, 2006

Blog Hopping

Is my favourite activity on the net nowadays when I'm not blogging or wasting time on Orkut. It's amazing what a rich and wide variety of views exist on any given topic, and it only helps to increase the depth and stregth of your perspectives. Sometimes it can be humbling to see what you consider an untenable position, argued into not merely plausibility, but positions of strength by flawless logic and brilliant analogies.

Stumble upon a whole host of blogs by my batchmates at IIFT and blogrolled them.

Here are a few interesting reads at Partha's Blog includin a post on lingo at IIFT

And a repeat blogcast of a previous post by me on lingo at my alma mater , COEP

Have linked to this blog before on a previous post but what the hey, have look at Niladri's blog

And there are plenty of others notably : Peggy, Ravi , Swati, and...... ( they wil all be tracked down and mercilessly blogrolled)