July 17, 2005

Evolving Lingo...

Smart advertising and the best Engineering college( any college actually) lingo have one thing in common...they're huge fun...remember any lingo peculiar to your college?...tell me about it!!

At COEP , we Iconoclasts and Dhu#$%masti public at meta dept. used to generate copious amounts of lingo..some of them became world famous in COEP..e.g :

"jhakaas me makass.edu.co.in"{ can be used in "N" situations}

"eet ees" { which actually and literally became a cult in the meta dept}

"mareeeezuaaana!!" & "Ek number!!" & " OK me thankk you!"
{ Sawai baba meherbaan to lingo bhi mahaan...prolly the most versatile ones of the lot...e.g ---> " boss!!...X and Y ka affair fullto chaloo hai.. kal woh BC pe "mareeezuaaana!!" karte hue dekhe gaye re Baawaa!!!!"
"Me: Abbe Sawai? Exam kaise gaya?...Savvy:"Mareeezuaaana!!"
"Savvy: Abbe Arkus? Exam kaise gaya?...Me:"Mareeezuaaana!!"

P.S: note the beauty of it, see how the lingo is perfect despite the different situations, on that particular exam, Sawai was the only person in Pune University to flunk, and in my case I'd topped Pune Univ. }

"Mokaaaar !"{introduced to this one recently on my Rajasthan trip by Avya bhai}

"{random word}.com" e.g.--->" Abbe aay "jhingoor.com", idhar aa!"

" O.K me?"{ to be used to enquire if person can drive}

"Okkay me?"{asked prior to breaking out the barf bags}

Nowadays however, me and my roomies generate lots of lingo as well, but then, it's topical and we don't have a hostel type scenario to popularise it...but then again, who the frick cares..we have endless moments of ha-ha-mirth when someone uses a typical "Lingo liner" in a perfectly set up moment...

Do feel free to comment nostalgically on the unique language takes at your alma mater below in the comment box...