April 25, 2014

On my Twitter face-off with Dr. Subramaniam Swamy

April 23, 2014

On Facebook Feuds, Politics and Anniversaries

It's increasingly evident to me,
That the world that we live in is a crazy place to be,
Where the things that should bother us don't,
And when the time comes to take a stand we won't

Where Facebook feuds on politics,
Leads to amusing dramatics,
Where annoyed friends and bemused strangers,
And discussions on corruption and glorified arrangers,
Can lead to unfriending wives,
But tell me, Do I then forget the lives?
That were in so plenty lost a while ago,
Do I forget their stories, let them bother me no more?

There's reasonable folk that tell me what's decent,
Is to let it drop since it's no longer recent,
But tell me the price of a memory,
One that clings to your soul,
Like an Elephant left alive without its ivory,
Does it still ever completely feel whole?

And they say that the Grand Pachyderm,
Rarely forgets a friendly turn,
Yet docile as his majesty no doubt seems,
When rampaging wild to protect his dreams,
Surely forgets no slight either,
And he shouldn't neither

To you I pose this wicked  teaser Manali,
One that I am inadequate to frame completely,
Is it right for us to keep quite or turn away,
When finally the moment is here for us to stay-to have our say?

Together with you it's been a fairly long innings,
And yet trust me this is just the beginnings,
You've  been my rock when I faced fear,
You remain my strength, my hope, my verse,
My joy, my reason to be, my now, my here
My conscience, my muse, my soul, my Universe

Together we have a long way to grow,
Like tall trees whose canopies entwine,
And provide sweet shade for all below,
I need you near me, I need you to be mine


Here's wishing you a happy 6th Anniversary , my love...

P.S : Do un-unfriend me on fb , please, pretty please!!

March 19, 2014

On Ushering in the Next Renaissance

India/China and Africa need to partner to usher in the next renaissance.

This one will be far more impressive and exciting than the last one some 500 years ago.


1. Technology advances have  made dissemination of practice shifts almost  instantaneous globally ( a truth now - not even maybe 3years back)

2. C/I/A account for close to 40-50% of global population whereas Renaissance Europe only accounted for much less and dealt with advances that weren't too impressive to India/China /Muslim Middle East as well as parts of Africa!

3. The world (especially the developing & third world countries) is unhappy with the existing status quo of growing inequity and rising Gini indices in country after country globally - from 1st world to 3rd world without exception!

4. Bretton Woods and subsequent interest based financial system is a huge ecological and economic disaster waiting to destabilize the world- and there are far better alternative models for growth that have been practiced for social and economic benefit of societies- alternatives that are still relevant and superior but are pushed away from mainstream discussions due to the clout of certain vested interests!!?

January 15, 2014

On the importance of Arvind Kejriwal and the next 90 years of India's future

First here's a glimpse of the  mindshare that one Mr.Arvind Kejriwal has captured of mine over the past 6 odd years -

Arvind Kejriwal is an absolute bloody outsider without an iota of political ability, he can rabble rouse all he likes but he will never win a single seat, he will never fight elections - all he can do is wave RTI documents in the face of Delhi's entrenched political coteries. He will never matter, in fact he won't survive more than for a few months!


Arvind Kejriwal is an opportunistic jackass using the Anna bandwagon to win petty points with the congress government over the lok pal.. Also, the way team Anna is going about it is JUST plain wrong. Due process and parliamentary/ legislative oversight exists for a reason in a democracy right? AK is a frikking jackass 


Arvind Kejriwal is the only political entity that can change India's future by overhauling our entire political discourse.He is the savior of this nation and will prevent our country from potentially another 90 years of frustration and blundering! 

*This is a blog in progress, feel free to comment will try and respond to comments as I complete my blog*