March 19, 2014

On Ushering in the Next Renaissance

India/China and Africa need to partner to usher in the next renaissance.

This one will be far more impressive and exciting than the last one some 500 years ago.


1. Technology advances have  made dissemination of practice shifts almost  instantaneous globally ( a truth now - not even maybe 3years back)

2. C/I/A account for close to 40-50% of global population whereas Renaissance Europe only accounted for much less and dealt with advances that weren't too impressive to India/China /Muslim Middle East as well as parts of Africa!

3. The world (especially the developing & third world countries) is unhappy with the existing status quo of growing inequity and rising Gini indices in country after country globally - from 1st world to 3rd world without exception!

4. Bretton Woods and subsequent interest based financial system is a huge ecological and economic disaster waiting to destabilize the world- and there are far better alternative models for growth that have been practiced for social and economic benefit of societies- alternatives that are still relevant and superior but are pushed away from mainstream discussions due to the clout of certain vested interests!!?