February 17, 2016

On Chaos and Order

Mandelbrot Says :
The play between Order and Chaos is ages and aeons old. Time is but a partitioner partitoning but infinitesimal segments of an infinitesimal segment within this play. Wheels within wheels.Layers within Layers. Levels upon Levels. Like Warp and Woof. From the point the mind posits to the Universe the Mind imagines and all in between.
From Chaos, Order:
The process sublime, magical, mathematical and above all mystical. Arresting. Mind Expanding. Mind Creating even. Truly Powerful. And exceptionally , exceptionally beautiful. 
But then again, from Order, Chaos: 
The process where boundary fluctuation and turbulences give an illusion of interplay locally. But the interplay isn't local it's everywhere for every ordered system a boundary. At every boundary turbulence, at every turbulence , chance, ramndomness and Chaos.
Is it Chaos? 
Or merely self similarity disguised as local Chaos. A Grander Order. An Infinite Cosmos from Infinitesimal Chaos.
This universe. Our grand mystery. Is really quite simple a story perhaps.
Mandelbrot Says.
The End