August 11, 2012

On Food Capitals and Places to Visit

Am attaching a couple of pics of our wonderful students at Vanguard Business School

 PGPB01 & PGPB02

A recent class discussion with these guys :


Reminded me of places that I wish to visit and restaurants that I want to eat at ( most everything reminds me of these two things). Usually I want to Visit places simply because i have heard of a few good restaurants at said location. Given below are a few cities and reasons why, as also listed are the  (very few :D) good restaurants in Bengaluru that Manali and self  haven't yet had a chance to sample the fare at.

Cities to Visit -

#1 : Tokyo  - With 247 Michelin Starred restaurants and being the home of Sushi/Sashimi and a chance of Fugu perhaps (I dare say that's a must for me if Tokyo happens) and hence the official food capital of the world

#2 London/Paris/NewYork - Not the recent hindi film starring Ali  Zafar and Aditi Hydari but the three most visited Metropolises in the world. Museum/Art /Theatre buff that I am the reasons for visitng here aren't restricted to food BUT some of the best restaurants in the world are here for sure. And having been pampered with the finest French & Italian cuisine in west Africa while I was there ( Trust me very very few restaurants in India understand good Italian and French Cooking) definitely Paris seems the gastronomical pick of the three ( incidentally Paris is also the city with the second most Michelin starred restaurants after Tokyo - so there!) BUT London has the Savoy Grill (a mecca for any Wodehouse fan) and the Fat Duck ( Anyone who has enjoyed food at Caperberry in Bangalore ?) and I'm sure New York is home to some of the finest restaurants as well

#3 Melbourne/Sydney - You've seen Masterchef Australia, mate? - That's why!

#4 Sao Paulo / Rio de Janeiro  - Ok no purely food motives here. Just want to go to Brazil (ideally in 2014 and 2016)

Restaurants in Bangalore -

#1 Shiro - No idea why Manali and I haven't yet been here !

#2  Jamavar / Zen / Zanotta - The Leela Palace is too out-of-the-way but have heard good things about these three restaurants so maybe a detour is in order and on the cards ?

#3 Rim Naam - Heard good stuff about this restaurant as well


We've been  to Shiro recently and it totally deserves its star billing/ reputation.