July 29, 2012

On Olympic and Box Office Hopes

India has kicked off its London 2012 campaign in disastrous fashion..My initial prediction that India will clinch at least three golds this Olympics is surely hanging by a thread as I post this, yet the optimist in me still hopes that mission will indeed be accomplished !

On an aside we saw "The Dark Knight Rises" last week, and for me the movie was definitely better than "The Dark Knight". Am a huge fan of the Joker that Heath Ledger pulled off, but the movie was pretty thin apart from him. Also decent watches were "Bol Bachchan " and "Cocktail"

Tonight we will be watching "Kya Super Kool Hai Hum" and before you begin - we watch  every movie that releases, simple! So Ekta and Her K-Brigade have stormed the box office in the opening weekend  and yet my expectations from this movie aren't at all much all I hope is that its at least a comedy, that in itself will be enough for me!