August 10, 2005

Independence Rock...I will be there!

Last year, I-rock happened two weeks late and was almost on the verge of non-occurence on account of the Rang Bhavan fiasco...nor could I make it on account of my roomies as I've lamented in a previous post so i'll spare you the story this time 'round...This year, hopefully, I-rock will happen on independence weekend...but where?..that is the million dollar Q that no one, not even, knows the answer to..whoever is organising the I-Rock this year has sure done a poor job of publicising the venue dates and places for tickets to the gig...

By Contrast, The "Mosh Mania" gig organised by 3G and Mumbai mirror at the Goregaon Sports club seems to be a good bet ( and well publicised too) as well and that's happening on the 13th, however infringing as it does on a working day looks unlikely I can make it to the show...and it boasts a mean line-up as well Pentagram, Them Clones, Zero, Pin Drop Violence Helga's Fun Castle and Sceptre will be there.... now, that's a line-up that I'm hoping can only be upstaged by the mai-baap of all rock concerts in india, the I-Rock alone

........anyways, come hail/ storm ( or torrential rains !!!) I will be there at I-Rock this year....Muhahahahaha!!!!