June 09, 2005

One Point Fivesome

A blog in five parts:

1.1--- Ram Gopal Verma rocks as a director. I've enjoyed all his movies and respect his quest to break out of the "same old, same old" grind. However, even RGV has sort of got stuck into two genres viz. the Supernatural and the Underworld. Nothing against that, in fact I saw his latest offering, "D", yesterday...one thing about RGV's movies that always seems to stand out is that a completely fascinating first half is sacrificed at the altar of an extremely pedestrian second half resulting in a movie that is on the whole, at best,above average(there are exceptions like Sathya which keep the plot tight till the end, but then they are just that:exceptions)...but with "D" Ramu has scored a winner...the movie is short, but the story is crisp from beginning to the very end.If you haven't seen "D" yet, do....it's worth a dekho!!

1.2--- Still on movies, it seems to me that the truly great movies make it there not on the strength of merely good story lines, crisp dialogues or exceptional performances but also good editing.Expertly wielded scissors can make an ordinary story come alive. Sadly, with people like Karan Johar around ,bollywood has a Loooooong way to go....

1.3--- Read THIS post on Gaurav's blog, and was reminded of an earlier post of mine

1.4--- I feel a gentle glow as understanding dawns and I am enveloped by a strange aura of peace, within me is voiced a revelation which I gladly share with you: "Swimming has to be the single most relaxing thing to do in the world"

1.5--- My next blog will a BOOK TAG blog..so bear with me..