September 22, 2004

The Boss Is Left

Heard this bromide?..."The Boss is right, the boss is ALWAYS right"..? confesses that I have never been too convinced of the truth in this one...but here's the real truth from my perspective... (cf. title of this blog)

Mr.Lalit Kumar, the man who owns and runs TIME mumbai has quit TIME, to pursue his own avenues and interests. What prompted his departure , I cannot really say, but it is inexplicable in the light of the fact that he has nursed TIME Mumbai through its most difficult initial phase, and all the time and effort and money he has pumped into this venture, will only begin to bear fruit now, yet he quits at this juncture...

I've had my fair share of disagreements with the man on a professional front. But at a personal level, he's a GOOD man- always fair in his dealings, tremendously capable, an astute businessman, and above all a great person with a touch of the philosopher in his heart. Sir, I'll miss you at the workplace.

Mr. Lalit kumar, if you're reading this, it's only fair you know that I think you da MAN!!!!

His place will be taken by one Mr.A.R.K.S. Srinivas ( IIM-C alumni , who currently heads TIME Kolkata with his biz pardner and batchmate Rahul Reddy, who, I presume will continue as bossman of TIME Kolkata)

[aside]hey, Rahul(singh)'s an IIM duo who also coincidentally are an ARKS & Rahul pair...hopefully we both make it there this'll get there, but sometimes I wonder, wot with my lazy butt and all...hehehe[/aside]