September 14, 2004

The BCQC is now officially famous

Hey Everyone!

My friends were in the papers today... not the NY Times I admit, but for all that these guys have done to preserve the finest quizzing traditions in Pune, this article ( LINK) in the Pune Times was the very least in the field of recognition that was long overdue to them...

haven't seen the actual article but have hrd that it features a pic of my quizzing senior Ramanand ( BBC Mastermind 2002) , Nupur,Mankar, 'Not'rajan,BVHK, a couple of guys I can't place ( guys forgive my degenerating greycells--in my defense ? the pixellization isn't too good is it?),and my quizzing pardner in crime Maniche Mahajan!

My thanks to the likes of Ramanand, Sujay K, Gaurav, Neeraj, Niranjan, George T, Kunal V ( whom I've never met, nevertheless!), BVHK, for providing me with someof the most fun sunday/saturday afternoons I've ever had

And just so things are put in perspective I think its a cruel shame that the fine traditions of the BCQC ( Boat Club quiz Club) have been preserved by fewer COEP/PIET ians with every passing year, Manish & self can hang our heads in collective shame too.. Once again my thanks to guys like Hirak, Navneet, Swapnil, Samrat, Kunal S, Salil, and other true "insiders", though they not be COEPians...

YooHoo once again for the BCQC !!