August 06, 2004

On MTV and their roadies too!

Was at the MTV roadies 2 audition in mumbai yesterday... VJ sophie and last year's roadie dude RannVijay were there...Sophie kept asking the crowd "hai dum??" and people were shouting yes like crazy, and then the noise wud die down and I'd screan "nahi hai dum!!" in my not quite so non-stentorious voice..caused some titters in the audience...sang a love song for Sophie onstage and won some stuff..had fun..think i might make it to the show..that would be cool , not bcoz i want to be on the show but bcoz i get a cool 5 lacs plus a bike plus a 41 day paid vacation!!..Was shorlisted and am on my way to the final interview today..will keep you posted on whether i make it or not..although if i do you'll probably catch me on MTV anyway...dont ENJOY!!..:)