August 12, 2004

Congrats to Dorli,Kates,and Ankoos Boy..

Dorli, got thru to PUMBA (but not only bcoz the dude is SC) probably eyeing the IIMs later this year ,well byesht luck!! wud Kates and Ankush I guess, they're headed to Sydenham & Welingkar respectively...I'm at Bandra at Ankush's place about to launch into a booze party and missing the presence of KT..BTW Bhau Rao Shinde, a.k.a Thote Bhau has also graced this auspicious occasion with his presence..Daru zindabad, hakkka noodle zindabad,bindaas party, uske baad mai vomit maarti!!( he he he..sorry for the Pat. Joke.:D)..