October 26, 2011

On the Festival Of Lights

Today marks Diwali, possibly  THE most important festival in the Hindu calendar. Diwali marks mythologically the slaying of Narakasura, a powerful villain who reigned unrivaled for long eons until Krishna decided to declare war on his impregnable fortress and eleven akshauhini of troops single-handedly ( or with Satyabhama as some versions note) atop Garuda that formidable steed of Vishnu. Narakasura's death at the hands of Krishna ( or Satyabhama as some versions note) came along with the boon to have his death day celebrated  for all posterity as the festival of lights and hence Naraka Chaturdsahi or the festival of lights a.k.a Diwali became a real big do in Indian tradition. Interestingly, Narakasura's defeat also resulted in Krishna's wife count swelling by 16,100 wives as a result of the fact that Narakasura had 16,100 princesses imprisoned in his castle/ fortress.

Here's a pic proving that Diwali was celebrated, if not with class and style, at least with infectious joy and enthusiasm at Mantri Tranquil ( This place is currently home for Me & Manali)

Diwali trivia apart, was having dinner at TGIF's earlier tonight and saw India decimating the English  batting line-up with some pretty impressive spin bowling and a really sharp fielding performance. Dhoni and his boys just clean whipped the pants of the English tourists and have just reignited my dormant cricket interest bug ( which had gone into extra deep hibernation mode post the very first Test in England). Also in the house was  none other than Shreesanth our mallu pace wonder / dancing reality star. Walked up to him with Saili, and shook hands with him and mentioned how awesome it was to see him there. Decent chap that he is, he agreed, and patiently (almost) smiled as Saili took a photograph with him. I'm sure he would rather have murdered me on the spot, as he vacantly looked past my shoulder at jubilant scenes of Indian victory as I clicked the pic (below) :

Finally, tomorrow marks a long expected holiday outing to that  queen of all tourist spots on offer in and around Bangalore - Wonderla! ( Whatay  name :D ) also Dad is expected to land in Bangalore late afternoon/ early evening tomorrow, and both Manali and Me look forward to that as well...