August 12, 2008

Three Medals at Beijing!!

All I ask is for three medals at Beijing this year.

Nothing fancy. Nothing impossible, given that India has already secured its first Individual Olympic Gold. Even two more Bronzes will do nicely, because, that would make for India's strongest showing in ever at any olympics!! That would not exactly be keeping up with the joneses in terms of golds though ( something we Indians always like to hope we are doing when it comes to any India-China Comparison) as the Hosts have already notched up 6 Gold medals with plenty more in the offing, and lead the current medals tally. As is quite likely,the Chinese might even end up topping the final medals tally,(Though I still think the US will rule the roost, but only just)
As for where these bronzes might come from for India One hopes for results from Saina Nehwal , maybe the Boxers, and Lee-Hesh.
FTR India's best performance at the olympics was at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics, with a tally of 2 Medals, a Gold and a Bronze.Could this statistic change before the end of the Beijing Games?

One lives and one hopes...

Strike 1: Saina Nehwal goes down in her quarterfinal clash against the Indonesian shuttler whose name I forget for the moment

We're left wih the Boxers, and Lee-Hesh.

[Update 2]

Strike 2: Lee-Hesh bow out in the Quarter-finals to Federer and partner

Things are not looking too hopeful at this stage.

[Update 3]

Akhil Kumar bows out in the quarters. So does Jitender kumar.
Out of the blue, however, we have a Bronze from Sushil Jadhav, who had actually bowed out of the wrestling competition with a first round defeat but came back miraculously in the repechage to down three strong opponents and clinch the bronze for India. So the fate of my prediction now hangs on the performance of one Vijender Kumar

[Update 4]

Vijender Kumar through to the Semis, and with no third place bout in boxing, my prediction is clinched with atleast a bronze already in the bag.

It's India's best outing ever at any Olympics till date.

If Vijender clinches a silver or a gold, then that would be truly sweet. However, given that he's up against the Cuban Emilio Correa it would be truly phenomenal if he secured even a silver from here!!

Well here's hoping London 2012 becomes India's first multi gold olympics
Here's to atleast 3 Golds at the 2012 London Games