July 15, 2007

On Why Architects Refraining from Ganja is a good idea...

Well, one of my favourite artists of all times is Maurits C. Escher. Now he was known for capturing finer points of Riemannian, Lobachevskian and other more mathematically complex topologies through his art. His works span some of the more subtle concepts of relativity, dimensional bending,etc. apart from other stuff. The picture above is a print by him called "Relativity" (c.1953)

So what does this print have to do with architects ?
Just this: take a look at our hostel (the pic on top)...this maze of ladders and corridors leaves us feeling like snakes in one big game of "snakes and ladders" in the new hostel that we at IIFT call our home for now. Either the architect of this crazy maze was a fan of Escher like me, or he overdid his daily dose of ganja prior to designing our hostel, which brings me full circle back to the title of this blog as my parting thought....

Alright so you're a hot shot architect and the only way you can prove it to the world is by designing something that's way out of the ordinariness sweepstakes, but is it essential that you source your inspirations from dreams inspired by particularly potent variants of cannabis smoked by you and your buddies??

P.S. On second thoughts the Escher-esque topography of our hostel does seem to grow on one as the academic year progresses...but till then..:(