August 20, 2006

On body Aches and Freshers Parties...

Here at IIFT, we finally celebrated our freshers party on 18th evening.It's been a tad over a month to the date that we ( the 2008 batch) have been in campus, the session began on 17th July, and it's been a roller coaster ride...

Well on pretty much our very first interaction, the seniors made it clear that the dress code would be formal at ALL hours, which was a sign of problems to come...and then, the schedule had been( and continues to be) a killer, and even those of us fresh from harrowing experiences of overload at work were (un)pleasantly taught that there IS SUCH A THING AS A 24 HOUR WORKING DAY {Well, alright , a 22 hr day, PDPs included (more on the PDPs at a more appropriate juncture)}......So I doff my hats off to all the freshers who coped!!!

Anyways, just as we were getting used to the rigour,the seniors pulled off a bomb on us { a wet one i might add!!..more on this again at that same appropriate juncture mentioned above}

And then, there was BT Acumen 2006, and IIFT played host to the north zone finals...

We'd more or less resigned ourselves to two years of plenty of drudgery and very little fun at IIFT...
thats when we received a small mail from our seniors:

Dear Juniors ,
The Fresher's Party will be held tomorrow i.e 18th August,2006 from 8.30 P.M onwards.
All of you are cordially invited !!
Venue :- The Atrium
Dress Code :- Strictly Casuals :)
Mood :- Party Animal .
Hope to see you all there!!!

IMF 2007

and thus, we finally had our FRESHERS!!!!

Well we danced like there would be no tommorrow...and the booze flowed like Mata Ganges...and the bodyaches next day, were bandied with pride... Now we know there'll be plenty of drudgery AND plenty of fun over the next two years...

Just wishing Manali was here , too...