October 31, 2004


On a rather embarassing note this happened to me:
My sister called me today morning and enquired whats up?...So I said "Oh the usual, whats up with you ?"..And she sort of oh-ahed and said the usual and proceeded to update me on minor tidbits of her current wherabouts and doings...and then she kind of passed the phone to my mom who finally brought it home my clod-like (or should I say dubya-like) head that it's her birthday today...I could have died there right then coz my sister never once forgets my birthday, and i always do !!
This sort of an occurence has occured to me N(n-->infinty) times with the small variation being the person involved.Sometimes it has happened multiple times with a single person( as unfortunately with my sister) Most of my friends are inured to this behavioural defect on my part because when you get right down to it they aren't really all that "remembery" types themselves so what-the-hey and life goes on...

Wise heads have told me more often than once that I'll have problems with my girlfriend to be...heck I'll settle for that problem, but later...for the moment allow to me to make public amends to my sister ...
HAPPY Birthday DIDI!!