July 22, 2004

Toto's , Beer, and hard rock

Had a rocking time yesterday at "Toto's garage pub" this place tucked somewhere in obscure nooks of pali (hill/naka/road?), bandra..really is without doubt the best place for a good time if you like rock music and booze at decent rates...had a good time grooving to the music..the bill footed by my old roommate Shubhasish ,so my  pockets were feeling happy as well!!...wats' more no end of solid chicks, giving you the glance and an occasional coy smile..that makes my day as well..but the crowning glory is the music..IT ROCKS... led zep, floyd, doors, eagles, GnR,Metallica, and on my request "chopsuey!" by SOAD...twice! , shame they don't play Agni or Brahma...( yet!...BWAHHAAAHAHAHA!!....Mugambo unke is kami ko bhi mitaa dega!!)

July 17, 2004

First past the post!!

Yup..this is where you guys begin to get it in the neck..why?..simply bcoz here on in I start Blogging as most of my peers do..only thing is I haven't half the funny things to say that they do, nor do I quite have the patience to be nice to my readers, finally, while YOU thought the concept behind my starting to blog was to share my tremendously complex and captivating thoughts with a vast and widespread audience, you were WRONG!!...
I blog bcoz i need to get my typing speed up to speed for the next call centre job I'll be applying to!!!.. { only (half) kidding!!}